Mission: C Collection 3C/4C Ultra Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner


The Agrius Botanics Ultra Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner is the leave in of ALL leave ins! Although suitable for all hair types, this leave in conditioner was especially crafted for the hard to hydrate, 3C and 4C coarse hair types in mind. This conditioner was carefully crafted and the ingredients were carefully selected to deliver never before seen hydrating and moisturizing benefits. Deep penetrating oils, humectants and butters such as avocado butter, black jamaican castor oil, babassu oil and tacuma butter were carefully combined with herbs and botanicals to soften coarse and hard to manage hair. This formulation is excellent for all hair types, especially dry, brittle, coarse hair. This product is safe for daily use or as often as desired to achieve desired results. Mission: C is NOW COMPLETE!!!