Why do we use Plants in our Products?

Many high end brands use harmful, toxic chemicals in their formulations. Our team consists of people who are passionate about safe, yet high quality beauty products that actually work.  We do not subscribe to the notion that natural products equates to ineffective products. Plants are the future of the beauty industry and we use plants because plants are safe, plants are effective and plants are POWERFUL!

Signature Growth Oil


The Agrius Botanics Ayurvedic Growth Oil is a highly effective herbal and botanical cocktail that is carefully crafted using select oils to deliver loads of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to the hair and scalp which improves the overall condition and health of the hair. Our growth oil stimulates and encourages hair growth on a follicular level and it is one of the core products in our signature GROWTH LINE. It also helps prevent hair thinning and hair breakage. Our Agrius Botanics Growth Oil is excellent for all hair types and any individual that wants to seriously grow their hair.

We Are different. We Promise!

At Agrius, we think you are uniquely awesome and deserve only the best! As a result, we do not rush our formulations to market. That is a big NO! It takes us years to source the best, highest quality botanicals and sustainable packaging solutions. Also, it takes years to carefully choose and test every single ingredient in our products. We only launch what we love and our team actively uses Agrius products daily!

We have the best customers:

My hair was long, but extremely thin. Using products from the Agrius family has not only grown my hair significantly but my hair has thickened substantially! Best products around hands down!!!

Ella D.

The best damn beard products around and did I mention that they are all natural? Don't sell yourself or your beard short. You wont be disaapointed

Bryan A.

I finally did the big chop. I figured after doing that, my hair would just grow on its own. I tried soooo many products, big huge brands too. Most didn't do NATHAN! A few gave me small results. It wasn't until I tried Agrius Botanics that my hair started to grow like weeds. The products are all natural and they get the job done...

Alicia W.

The lash serum is DA BOMB! Good stuff. I retired my false lashes. Smile...

LaTonya J.

Girl, let me just say I never thought my C textured hair could literally transform. My curl pattern is softer and more manageable. Just look at the pics and judge for yourself. Also, the company is nice and responsive and takes the time to help the customers. Good stuff!

Kerrington J.

My beard was rough, coarse and struggled to grow. After using the beard products my beard is softer, fuller and grows like never before. Plus, the ladies like it.

David L.