Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely NOT!!! Agrius products are suitable for all hair textures and types. However, people with natural hair textures or people who do not use harmful chemicals on their hair will experience the best results will using our products.

They sure can!!! Agrius Botanics happily welcomes ALL with nothing but love! Our brand is truly gender neutral. We want both men and women to have strong, long and healthy hair. While you are here, check out our Agrius Botanics Beard Care Collection. The products are absolutely amazing!!!

We strongly suggest wearing protective styles while using Agrius Botanics, especially products from our Growth Collection. Protective styling allows you to maximize your growth potential while eliminating over styling, manipulation and other factors and stressors that can stunt hair growth and cause breakage.

That's a tough one and to be honest it depends on what is the cause of your alopecia and what type alopecia you have. There are several types of alopecia, for example, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia areata universalis, ophiasis and traction alopecia, to name a few. You can contact us at for a more in depth answer to this question. Also, stay tuned!!! A new product collection specifically dedicated to alopecia is coming soon!

Absolutely! Our products are natural and organic and are safe for colored treated hair. However, blonde or very light colored treated hair should not use the Ayurvedic Black Soap Shampoo not because the Ayurvedic Black Soap Shampoo is not effective but because the dark hue (color) of the shampoo can dull the brilliance of blonde and lighter color treated hair. Instead, try our Honey Infused Clarifying Shampoo or our Ayurvedic Moisturizing Shampoo.

You betcha our products work! We only launch (sell) what we personally love and ALL of team Agrius uses these products DAILY!!! Nonetheless, results are individualized and will vary from person to person. Consistent use is your best weapon for achieving hair growth and length retention.

Results will vary. Consistently is your best weapon for achieving long, healthy hair and length retention. We strongly suggest using the products for 30 days before you can truly guage your results. However, keep in mind that other factors such as natural versus chemically treated, protective style versus styled daily or heat versus no heat, to name a few, all play a role in overall hair growth and ultimately length retention.

Glad you asked! Each product on our website has the ingredients listed next to the product along with directions for use.

Sure thing! One of your missions at Agrius Botanics is to only give you what you need and none of what you don't. Simply put: you don't need a thousand products or thousand product lines (that all have their own similar shampoos and conditioners) to have an effective regimen. Changing one or two ingredients and the color of a product does not overall "change" or "improve" the product on a efficacy level. With this approach, the only things that have "changed" are the product aesthetics, packaging and marketing approach. It's simply a marketing gimmick. That's it!

We currently have three (4) product Collections available: Growth Collection (Green Leaf), Moisture Collection (Blue Raindrop), Strength Collection (Diamond) and our Mission: "C" TM Collection. You simply pick products based off your needs and concerns; you can even mix and match products from each line. For example, you may want to grow your hair but you also have very dry, coarse 4C hair that just fails to retain moisture. In this case, we suggest you should select products from our Growth and Mission: "C" Collections TM . First, you would select a shampoo based off your preference. Then, you move on over to our Growth Collection and select products that are specifically formulated and crafted for growth. Next, head on over to our Mission: "C" TM Collection and select products that are formulated especially for severely dry, coarse, damaged hair, which are all common concerns for our lovely "C" type hair people. Later on, you may find that your hair is weak and brittle. In this case, your hair needs strengthening and repair so products in our Strength Collection may be appropriate for you.

It's really that easy; I promise! With this approach you only purchase what you need and as a company we feel good knowing we aren't selling you things you truly don't need. You simply purchase what works for your hair type. That's it!

These are all codes that denote the specific purpose of the product. More specifically, these icons inform the buyer on which Collection the product belongs to. Here is the icon guide for our products:

Green Leaf: Indicates products that belong to the Growth Collection

Blue Raindrop: Indicates products that belong to the Moisture Collection

Diamond: Indicates products that belong to the Strength Collection

Mission: "C": Indicates products that belong to our specially crafted and formulated Mission: "C" Collection. This line was designed specifically for 3C and 4C hair types. 

Ahh yes, the Mission: "C" CollectionTM took years to craft and formulate. Anyone and all hair types are certainly welcome to use products from the Mission: "C" Collection, however, this line was created specifically for our 3C and 4C ladies and gents. 3C and 4C hair types often have specific areas of concern that other products just can't tackle. Well, the wait is finally over! Mission: "C" is finally complete!

Many high end brands use harmful, toxic chemicals in their formulations. Our team consists of people who are passionate about safe, yet high quality beauty products that actually work.  We do not subscribe to the notion that natural products equates to ineffective products. Plants are the future of the beauty industry and we use plants because plants are safe, plants are effective and plants are POWERFUL! 

Of course we do! Check our NEW ARRIVALS section on our website for updates about new products. Also, follow us on social media to stay up to date about what's happening around Agrius Botanics. But if you really want to receive the latest news and best offers, opt in to our newsletter and SMS messaging to receive discount offers, free products and be the first to learn about special promotions. What are you waiting for? Join today. You won't be disappointed!

You bet they are! Our products are plant based and they are natural and organic. However, just because our products are natural and plant based does not mean you cannot be allergic to them or experience an adverse skin reaction. Remember poison ivy, and poison oak are all natural plants but they can cause adverse skin reactions for most people when they come into contact with them. So, always perform a patch test prior to fully using any products from our collections.   

Rewards Program

Yes it is free to join our Rewards program and it always will be! In fact, you earn points by simply signing up. So, come on and join; what are you waiting for?

You can earn points in so many ways! You can earn points just for signing up, liking and engaging with our social media posts and for returning product bottles bake to us so we can recycle them! These are just a few ways to earn points. Check out our Rewards link to learn more about this exciting program.